Problems With Blocked Drains

There’s nothing worse than the smell of raw sewage permeating the air on a summer’s day in Brisbane. At one point in time everybody will experience this not so pleasant scenario.

Blocked drains are every homeowner’s worst nightmare,  not only can they be expensive but they can also be a health risk for your family.

One of the main reasons that drains become blocked is due to the fact that thirsty trees are seeking water. Many trees native to Brisbane especially gum trees can be very thirsty and always look for new sources of water. Continue reading “Problems With Blocked Drains”

Plumbers and Advertising

Many plumbers will choose to revert to traditional forms of advertising to obtain work. One of the most obvious forms of traditional advertising is to place an ad in the local newspaper to spread the word about their services. One of the problems with using this form of advertising, is that many people don’t read the local newspaper any more.

Local Newspaper is Expensive.

16175616ab_fAdvertising in the local newspaper can be quite expensive and the return on investment is and always as good as what the local newspaper tells you that it might be. As a result most plumbers tend not to advertise in local newspapers as much as they use to. If you need to find a plumber in Brisbane follow this link. Continue reading “Plumbers and Advertising”