Problems With Blocked Drains

There’s nothing worse than the smell of raw sewage permeating the air on a summer’s day in Brisbane. At one point in time everybody will experience this not so pleasant scenario.

Blocked drains are every homeowner’s worst nightmare,  not only can they be expensive but they can also be a health risk for your family.

One of the main reasons that drains become blocked is due to the fact that thirsty trees are seeking water. Many trees native to Brisbane especially gum trees can be very thirsty and always look for new sources of water.

This being the case, it stands to good reason that at one point in time one of these beautiful trees root system will make its way into one of your drains or pipes in or around your home.

Other trees.

jacarandaThere are quite a few species of trees in Brisbane that can often cause problems that drains one of the most notorious is the jacaranda tree.

Jacaranda trees will send their roots out in an attempt to find new water sources. These trees are renowned for causing problems in blocked drains and will require the attention of a specialist plumber who has all of the necessary equipment to unblock that drain.

Specialist service.

Many plumbers will advertise that they are a specialist service that features in blocked drains. Some plumbers specialise solely in unblocking drains and have a large list of special equipment that is necessary two unclogged any drainpipe.

Some of this equipment can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and includes.

  • Drain camera
  • x-ray equipment
  • electric eel
  • jet rodder
  • ultrasonic detection devices

This list of equipment require special training  and a lot of maintenance in order to keep the equipment in top tip condition.

You can also hire this equipment from any decent equipment hire  store  but it is recommended  to find a specialist plumber  that is very familiar with this type of equipment. For more information on Plumbers Brisbane Click Here